The weekend is filled with amazing lessons and activities of God's teachings on marriage. You will hear personal testimony of couple's triumph over challenges and how important Christ's love has been in their marriage. You will have the opportunity to interact with other couples to share your own experiences of God's love through talks, discussions, and group/couple activities. This weekend is filled with love, joy and appreciation of God's blessing of the couple's relationship. 


What to Expect

3 Day Retreat

Our discussions topics are:
Mystery and the Meaning of Marriage
Christ at the Center
Total Gift of Self
Conflict and Communication
Protecting the Bond and Forgiveness
Building a Thriving Marriage Partnership
Sexuality and Authentic Love
A Deeper Unity: Facing Life's Challenges
Bliss: Real Challenges, Real Love
Family, Inlaws and Outlaws
Living a Christian Marriage
Love Revealed: Sacramental Marriage

The three day weekend retreat is designed to help married and engaged couples understand the fruits of their relationship through God's love. Friday evening starts at 6:30pm and concludes at approximately 9:30pm. On Saturday, breakfast is served at 7:30am and activities resume at 8am and end the beautiful day with a wonderful  "Mio Amore" dinner celebration. 

On Sunday, couples return at 8am for breakfast and the retreat concludes at the 5pm Mass celebrate at the Church.