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​​To Register:

  • Fill and turn in registration form. Forms are located at the back of the Church or Parish office or go to Contact Us page to have form emailed to you.
  • Submit $50 Donation Fee. Checks to St. Peter St. Paul   memo/Marriage Everlasting Ministry
  • Bring aloving and  open heart 

The Marriage Everlasting Ministry was started by parishioners of St. Peter and St. Paul, with the guidance of Very Rev. Fr. Romy Seleccion, MS. in 2016. Fr. Romy wanted the first retreat in six-months and after working late hours and numerous weekends together, the MEM couples were able to have their first weekend retreat within the six month deadline. 

We are very happy to say that hundreds of couples have gone through the program and we have remained a close-knit community in sharing the love of Christ through the Sacrament of Marriage. 

​Notify Service Team:

  • You require a special diet
  • Schedule conflicts during the retreat
  • Any special medical needs
  • Food Allergies
  •  Emergencies
  • Desire not to have your photo published
  • Any other concerns you feel the staff should know.